Joel Kaufmann
I can help you start or improve a service business, especially a consulting practice. I also can help you think through and develop a business plan that is right for you.

I created and teach "Effective Consulting: How to Start or Improve Your Consulting Business", an all-day class taught throughout the year in San Francisco and the East Bay. Through my own consulting practice and as part of a management team for a local firm (we grew the company from 2 to about 150 people over 15 years), I have seen consulting approaches that work - and that don't - in a wide variety of industries, organizations and cultures. These lessons have been invaluable and can be articulated and shared. And these lessons apply across client industries and across types of consulting.

For over 25 years, I have helped client organizations develop new services and improve their operations. Business areas include financial services (card services, banking, insurance), telecom, health care and real estate. Functional areas include product development, operations and IT. My core expertise includes planning and facilitation, defining and improving business processes, developing new products and services, and teaching others best practices in these areas. Joel is available on Thursdays from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.
Skill Areas:   Business Analysis, Business Development, Business Plan, Consulting, Negotiations, Operations, Photography, Planning, Project management, Service Businesses, Strategic Planning
Industry Areas:   Banking, Consulting , Financial services, Healthcare, Service Businesses, Software development, Technical writing, Telecommunications
Meeting Type:   In-Person